Usmani King has implemented its plan to deal with the emerging crisis. We are please to say that we will continue to support those arrested, under investigation and appearing at court. How this is delivered will be different. For those under arrest or being investigated there will be no change. A member of the firm will be available, 24 hours a day, to represent you. If you are appearing in the Magistrates’ Court we will be there for you. The Crown Court is not currently starting any new trials and if you are waiting for your trial and have any questions please contact us. If you are to have a PTPH or sentence this will still go ahead and once again, we will be there for you. Meetings outside of court hearings will be carried out either at the telephone or by video conferencing. Our office is staffed but is not open to clients or the public. This is for both your protection and the health of our staff and their families.

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